Did You Know This About the Amish?

Did You Know This About the Amish?

The Amish take great pride in their work! You already know this, but it's true. From a young age they are taught that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. 

They are extremely innovative. It would be fascinating to know how many patents they hold collectively, we're guessing it's a bunch! This may be a combination of their ancestry as well as an instinctual drive to envision a better way and make the most with what they have to work with. 

The Amish aren't big on formal education, but they love to learn! They learn by reading, by trying new things, testing ideas with their hands, and sharing what they've learned in conversations with others. We perceive all this to be driven by a natural curiosity. 

They will use mainstream medicine, hospitals and healthcare if necessary, but they always prefer to try natural remedies first. This is likely born out of their belief that not only did God create the universe, but He included in it everything we need to flourish!

The Amish do seek to be model citizens, but they don't believe voting is their highest form of contribution. They tend to prefer governmental structures that are less involved, allowing them to help their fellow-citizens directly. 

Everyone knows how tight-knit the Amish community is, but not everyone knows how central food is to their community. If they invite you over there will definitely be food involved! 

The Amish have clear priorities. They put a strong focus on what they deem to be most important. This is reflected in their religion, simplicity, family values, work ethic, community and relationship with nature.