Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

AmishCo is a small team of engaged, invested, and committed individuals with close ties to the Amish community. We’re intrigued with their values, impressed with their innovation and workmanship, and to a person we’re passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience that follows through on the trust each order represents.

What do you do?

AmishCo’s mission is to provide access to Amish workmanship and insights from their way of life. 

What do you value?

Our core values are: 


  • We look for solutions at every turn. 


  • We believe in the power of eliminating waste. 


  • We believe light is found in the truth. 


We see good things in the future for ourselves and those we do business with. 

  • Responsiveness
  • We honor the utility of clear, timely communication.
What is your logo meant to convey?

The AmishCo logo is representative of Amish culture in several ways – the structure seated on rolling hills as well as the star underneath the logotype are symbolic of the Amish lifestyle and the values associated with it. The colors give an Americana feel and communicate some amount of sophistication with a rustic, hand built feel. 

What do you sell?

Amish-Built Sheds, Garages, Horse Barns, Pole Barns, Carports & Metal Buildings, Cabins, Greenhouses, Fully Finished Studios, Tiny Homes, Pavilions, Pergolas, Saunas, and more.

Why should I buy from you?

We use only the best materials and our Amish workmanship is second to none. Our small team is skilled, diligent, and personable so you’ll get the attention you deserve. We recognize the trust each sale represents and we always consider it an honor to come through for you and enjoy this process together. 

Here’s a few more reasons why we think your trust in us is well placed: 

  • It’s Amish-Built. 
  • It’s Made in America.
  • It’s Built for Life. 
  • We pair traditional Amish Craftsmanship with the latest in modern technology; you’ll experience the latest in drawing, design, manufacturing, delivery, and communications technology, while enjoying hand-crafted workmanship from days gone by. 
  • A personable, hassle-free buying experience. 
  • We’re experienced. Our sales & management team represents over 40 years of combined experience. 
  • We’re responsive. It’s one of our core values. 
  • It’s not just quality, it’s built just how you want it and delivered with care. 
  • It’s available wherever you are, we deliver nationwide. 
  • We’re values based. We’re committed to being creative, efficient, honest, expectant and responsive, and you can hold us to it. 
Where do you deliver?

Nationwide! AmishCo delivers nationwide and if necessary, can build on-site in most cases if you do not have access to receive delivery for a fully built structure. So wherever you live, we deliver.

How do payments work?
  • For buildings delivered ready to use: 
  • Paid in full at the time of sale. 
  • 3% charge on credit card transactions over $5,000.
  • For modular buildings requiring finish work on-site: 
  • 50% down payment at the time of the sale. 
  • 45% draw due 2 weeks before delivery. 
  • 5% balance due on completion. 
  • 3% charge on credit card transactions over $5,000. 
What types of payments do you accept?
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Bank Wire.
Do you offer financing? 

We do! You can view all of our financing options here.

Can I buy over the phone?

Absolutely! Most of our sales are made “over the phone”. We can communicate with you via phone calls, text messages, email, etc. We can even view your property together on Google Maps in most cases. When you’re ready to place your order you can ensure all the details are correct on the contract, then sign, and pay.

Can I visit your location?

Yes! We are located in Nashville, TN so come on! Who doesn’t want to come to Nashville?! Our address is 6906 Lebanon Rd, Mt Juliet TN 37122. Let us know you’re coming and we’ll be sure to show you around. If you’re flying in from out of town we’d be happy to give you the inside scoop on what to do or see while you’re here.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your location? 

You’re welcome to stop in anytime, there’s no need to make an appointment if you would like to look through the various buildings and structures on our display center. However, if you’re working with a particular salesperson, interested in a particular product, or are coming from out of town we’d love to know you’re coming so we can make sure to make good use of your time. 

What are you lead times?

Lead times vary greatly depending on demand, and the product you’re buying. In general though they tend to range from 3-5 weeks for custom orders on the short end, to 8-12 weeks on the long end. Lead times can change quickly and are always just an estimate. 

Can I have my structure built exactly how I want it?

Yes you can! All of our buildings and barns are hand built so you can get exactly what you want. Size, style, siding type, roofing type, windows, doors, configuration, options (etc!) are all choices you get to make. But don’t worry, we’ll walk with you every step of the way and you can always start with the standard features and add from there if you want to, so there’s no need to be overwhelmed. 

What about site prepation?

Site preparation varies by product and region. Please ask us for details, but in general it looks something like: 

  • Sheds & Garages with a Wood Floor: 3-5” of Crushed Stone, laser-leveled and tamped. 
  • Sheds & Garages without a Wood Floor: Concrete pad poured to our specs. 
  • Greenhouses: 3-5” of Crushed Stone, laser-leveled and tamped.
  • Shed-Row Horse Barns or Run-In Sheds: 3-5” of stone dust, laser-leveled and tamped. 
  • Shed-Row Horse Barns with Overhangs requiring support posts: Concrete pad or 18” Concrete Piers poured to our specs. 
  • Modular, Center-Aisle Horse Barns: Concrete pad or 18” Concrete Piers poured to our specs.
  • Pavilions & Pergolas: Concrete pad or piers. 

For more details click here.

How much access is needed for delivery?

There are many variables that go into this but at the end of the day we’re going to need enough space to safely deliver your building without damaging either your building or property. When it comes to access for delivery, more is better. These buildings often appear much larger on delivery than they do in photos. Factors that affect how much space is needed on delivery include the width of the building, the length of the building, the height of the building, if there are any overhangs on the building, if it is a straight shot to the site or if turns are required, if the path is level or at an incline, etc etc. For smaller buildings 1’ on each side (including all overhangs) may be enough. For larger buildings 2’ or more may be needed on each side (including all overhangs). Please know our drivers are highly skilled and always do their best, but they cannot perform magic (even though sometimes it looks like they do!). 

For more details click here.

Will delivery cause lawn damage? 

Our drivers are highly skilled and always do their best, and they do use the latest in delivery technology (such as the “Mule” shed mover) but if your yard is soft due to rain or snow there may be indentations or even ruts left in your yard. If your yard is dry and the ground is hard you’ll most likely just see harmless tracks across the grass which will disappear in a few days. Please note again that our drivers always do their best and will attempt to do what you are asking them to do on delivery (assuming it’s safe and reasonable) but they cannot be held responsible for property damage or unrealistic expectations. 

Do I need a permit?

Because we deliver all over America and the local codes vary so much it’s tough for us to say for sure. In some cases; yes, in some cases; no. We don’t need to see a permit to deliver, but we always recommend you check with your local building codes department so you know for sure. 

How do you compare to my local contractor?

While we’ve definitely heard more than our fair share of horror stories from someone working with a local contractor (as you probably have as well) most of the differences are simply found in the business model. Contractors tend to “do it all”. They work hard and we honor them for that but because they’re doing so much it can sometimes be hard to receive clear and timely communication or even get your project done on budget and on time. Here’s 3 reasons why we may be the right choice: 

  1. Our innovative manufacturing technology. 
  2. We utilize everything from multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities to hinged roofs, to modular construction, pre-built panels, floorless delivery, extendable, crab-crawling trailers, remote controlled delivery mules, and… you get the point! It’s how some of our buildings are delivered ready to use and even our large structures are 90% complete the minute we pull in your driveway. 
  3. Our buying process is easier. 
  4. We have a dedicated sales team that designs, quotes and sells outdoor structures everyday. So not only will you get your quote quick, you’re working with someone who specializes in what you’re buying.  
  5. We sell more. 
  6. With us, you’ll enjoy the economies of scale. Our materials are purchased by the truckload, not at the local Home Depot.