Terms & Conditions

AmishCo LLC and its representatives absolve themselves of liability concerning permits, setbacks, restrictions, or covenants. It is recommended that purchasers seek advice from their local codes department or Homeowners Association. The assessment of ground conditions to determine suitability for delivery rests solely with the customer. AmishCo LLC assumes no liability for any damage incurred to yards or driveways. While complimentary delivery and setup include one trip, any additional trips may incur charges for the customer. 

By affixing my signature, I acknowledge that I have carefully reviewed and fully accept the terms outlined herein, including this notice of responsibility and the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Terms and Conditions, AmishCo LLC

Agreement Priority:

These terms and conditions, presented by AmishCo LLC ("Seller"), take precedence over any conflicting terms of the purchaser ("Purchaser"). Seller's acceptance of this order relies on Purchaser's agreement to these terms. Together with any related documents, they constitute the complete agreement regarding the items sold.

Building Alterations and Relocation:

Alterations or relocations of buildings under rent-to-own contracts are prohibited until paid in full. Relocation requires consent from the rent-to-own contract holder. Unauthorized actions will be legally pursued as theft.

Resale and Occupancy Limitations:

Purchaser acknowledges that the structures are not suitable for retail resale or human habitation. Seller bears no responsibility for any issues arising from resale, occupancy, or modification.

Compliance with Laws:

Purchaser commits to complying with all federal, state, and local laws, including zoning regulations, concerning the use and placement of the building(s).

Risk Transfer and Delivery:

Upon delivery, risk transfers to the Purchaser. Seller assumes no liability for delivery-related damages.

Consent to Legal Jurisdiction:

Purchaser waives sovereign immunity and agrees to the jurisdiction of United States federal and state courts in any disputes with Seller.

Warranties and Disclaimers:

Seller provides warranties against material or craftsmanship defects within specified timeframes. All other warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed.

Legal Interpretation:

This agreement and its terms are subject to interpretation under state law. Any waiver of breach does not affect subsequent breaches. If any provision is deemed invalid, it will be modified to ensure legal enforceability.

Payment Terms:

Payment is required in full at the time of sale. A 3% charge applies to credit card transactions over $5,000.


Access must be provided to the building site, or delivery will be made to the closest acceptable site. Purchaser warrants the capability of their driveway to hold the weight of the equipment and building. AmishCo LLC bears no liability for damage to the driveway, yard, or other property. Purchaser is responsible for obtaining building permits, ensuring compliance with building codes and zoning ordinances, and site preparation, including leveling, fill, and grading. Any damage caused during delivery or setup is the responsibility of the Purchaser, with AmishCo LLC bearing no liability for inadequate soil bearing, legal setbacks, height restrictions, or inadequate access. The Purchaser is responsible for site preparation, providing adequate space for delivery. Our drivers require clearance at least 2' wider than the building and 14' high. Deliveries are typically made Monday through Friday between 6 am and 6 pm, with AmishCo LLC reserving the right to reschedule due to inclement weather or other uncontrollable events, and Customers requested to reschedule if they anticipate risks to safe delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

To ensure a refund of deposit monies upon cancellation of an order, cancellations must be received in writing within 3 business days after the order is placed. If the building has already been shipped at the time of cancellation, the Customer will be responsible for all shipping and hauling costs incurred. Regardless of when the cancellation is received, the Customer will be responsible for all costs of hauling permits, setup, purchases etc., incurred by AmishCo LLC prior to receipt of the written cancellation. Any monies charged to a credit card will be refunded minus a 3% processing fee. Canceled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

The balance of the purchase price is due and payable in cash, check, or ACH payment before delivery or completion of the set-up of the building. The Guarantor agrees to be responsible for all costs, fees, and charges on unpaid balances, including interest, collection fees, court costs, and reasonable attorney fees. Guarantor agrees to personally guarantee prompt payment of all sums due. Sales tax will be collected at applicable rates required by law.